fix recognizer - asynch multiple vs. single


Every now and then the recognizer queues up multiple recognition steps after a few seconds have elapsed - or when the child knows they have the right answer, for example 2x2= ... child says "4" - not recognized, wait, wait, child sees time running out and says in an increasingly frustrated voice: 4....4...4..!!! Also every now and then a number said prior to a new problem will appear when that new problem shows up. I am guessing that extra input actually makes it more difficult for the recognizer or adds more CPU load and slows it down - making it less likely to detect in time. Maybe there's a way to switch recognizer settings dynamically in these types of cases to make it more likely to catch correctly.


ejarvi wrote Apr 20, 2010 at 7:23 AM

new problem sets feature constrains the vocabulary to only valid answers, should also be able to clear the recognizer each time a new problem starts, not sure if there is a way to throw away unrecognized words and try again after a second or two